New Reports and publications by European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network ELGPN

In 2009-2015 ELGPN published different types of outputs. The following documents are available in Polish:

Polityka Całożyciowego Poradnictwa Zawodowego: sprawozdanie z działalności na lata 2011-2012

Rozwój polityki poradnictwa przez całe życie: Zestaw zasobów europejskich

Polityka Całożyciowego Poradnictwa Zawodowego: aktualne działania. Raport z prac Europejskiej Sieci Całożyciowego Poradnictwa Zawodowego w latach 2009-2010

The remaining publications are available in English and other national languages.

The ELGPN Progress Reports communicate the key outcomes of the activities to relevant policy-makers and stakeholders at both European and national levels during ELGPN’s work programmes.

The ELGPN Short Reports communicate the main outcomes of the Network and is a more compact version of the ELGPN Progress Report.

ELGPN Concept Notes explore and debate current issues and are meant to serve as catalysts for lifelong guidance policy development.

ELGPN Tools are designed to help policy-makers and other stakeholders to review existing lifelong guidance provision within their country or region, and to identify issues requiring attention and gaps that need to be filled, drawing from practices in other European countries.

ELGPN Policy Briefings on relevant EU policy developments from an LLG perspective to support further national and European consultations are designed for internal use within ELGPN, focusing on the 5 policy fields and 3 policy themes connected to LLG.