Advisory and Social Inclusion

The Institute for Labour Market Analysis provides services in the field of business and professional consulting as well as career planning, for the needs of the public and private sectors. The support provided in the area of counselling and social inclusion can be divided into two paths.

The area includes business consulting services targeted at business organisations. Part of the offer is created for micro and small organizations mainly building their market position,which is an important element from the point of view of reaching customers, developing business plans and development. Moreover, business consulting  also  supports  organisations in the creation of efficient internal and external communication, creating competency models and managing competencies, including social competence.

Key areas of support eliminate risks arising from burnout, workaholism and disfunctional behaviours in  teams. Consulting and training in the area of psychology of behaviour in the organization is also crucial

Many companies undergo changes and transformations. It is inevitable due to the rapidly changing market. Professional support combined with measurement and forecasting of social competence of employees in specific workplaces help to  effectively plan and implement change.

Another key area of counselling is addressed at employees or people who want to take up or change jobs. One may differentiate key elements of the diagnosis and support that are essential for the effective implementation of the process:

  • psychological competence level measurement capabilities;
  • planning the development of social and professional skills;
  • strengthening the process of achievement motivation;
  • psychological support for persons entering the labour market andstarting professional careers.

Another group of advisory services is addressed at organizations involved in vocational counselling, wanting to professionalise their services. Five areas can be distinguished:

  • planning the process of vocational counselling for the providers of such services;
  • supporting the process of building and the choice of vocational guidance  methodology  for providers;
  • developing procedures and rules for the implementation of the process of individual and team counselling for providers ;
  • planning activities and support in the implementation of projects to prevent the risk of social exclusion processes;
  • trainings for vocational guidance service providers  and counselling for people requiring support in the implementation of professional tasks.
  • psychological support for persons entering the labour market and starting professional careers.