Work 4.0 Conference – Warsawaw 5, 6 December 2016

The Work 4.0 conference will take place on 5th and 6th December 2016 in Warsaw, in Centrum Zielna. The conference will include debates and 12 expert workshops related with incoming changes on the labour market. The experts from the Institute of Labour Market Analyses will take part in the conference. Link do event More

Mutual Learning Programme Peer Review, Warsaw, 14 – 15 November

Mutual Learning Programme peer review is held in Warsaw on 14 – 15 November. The meeting is to present the actions of Human Capital Survey (Bilans Kapitału Ludzkiego – BKL) and the methods of monitoring labour market skills needs in Poland in order to reduce skills mismatches. The review will also include presentation of methods of monitoring used by other EU member states.

Peer review is hosted by PARP (Polish Agency for Enterprise Development)  and one of our experts – dr Łukasz Sienkiewicz – is one of key speakers.    Website 


Absolvent Talent Days at PGE Narodowy

Absolvent Talent Days – 25th October 2016 at PGE Narodowy 

The fair aimed at helping young people in finding their own professional path and in making direct contact with employers. Over 350 companies and over 8,000 students and participants took part in the event. Marcin Budzewski took part in a discussion panel on the current situation on the labour market and forecasted changes. Website of the event

The Institute for Labour Market Analyses works on a new description of occupations and specialisations

The Institute for Labour Market Analyses, on behalf of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, is launching analytical and research works leading to the development of new descriptions of occupations and specialisations. It is another undertaking of IARP experts aiming at completing the Classification.

Current works include 136 occupations, including 5 – so called – “school occupations”, which include educaiton within the framework of educational system.  



Mentoring Congress 2016

On 19 May 2016 the Mentoring Congress 2016 took place with the participation of our leading expert dr Łukasz Sienkiewicz . More

Incoming new publications by our expert dr Łukasz Sienkiewicz on PES to PES

Soon two new publications on PES to PES developed by our expert dr Łukasz Sienkiewicz will be published on website of the European Commission:

Measuring customer satisfaction with PES Increasing PES effectiveness by meeting customer needs and

Practictioner’s Toolkit to assist PES with the development of customer satisfaction measurement systems  More