Labour Market Analysis

Institute for Labour Market Analyses is the only company on the market to offer a comprehensive analysis of local labour markets. The client is provided with the results in the form of information essential to undertake decisions concerning local investments related with employment. 

The offer is addressed at companies which plan to open or relocate their business (or parts of it) in specific locations or regions and to companies which are looking for the best location for their business.

Such projects are based on a deepened analysis business justification of enterprise location. The following factors are defined in the beginning of analytical works: 


  • Labour force supply of potential employees (with adequate profile); e.g. the number of potential employees, the number of students, secondary school graduates etc.; among others based on deepened interviews with the employees of employment offices and employers. 
  • Author’s forecasts prepared within the scope and time horizon indicated by the Contracting Authority
  • Analysis of variables and forecasts for indicated cross-sections and locations.
  • Assumptions (criteria) for the preparation of the forecasts in accordance with practical domestic and foreign experience
  • Selected profiles: age, gender, education level, large, medium, elementary vocational group, province (voivodship), sub-region, district (poviat) (and other profiles in agreement with the Employee)
  • Competition analysis (quantitative and qualitative). Existing competition complemented with already started and planned investments. 
  • Analysis of job offers (registered, online) complementary analysis of labor demand
  • Unemployment rate (with the analysis of trends and cross-sections illustrating unemployment according to professional groups). 
  • Analysis of the number of the unemployed  according to occupational groups (large, medium, elementary), also in the spatial cross-section.
  • Complementary (in relation to the number of employees) information on unutilized resources on the labor market in the professional cross-section.
  • Compensation (corresponding to branches and jobs). Apart form salary reports – also based on data from the mystery client method. 
  • Perspectives for local development (influence of demographic trends on labour force supply, compensation level, new competition etc.) – based on original analytical  method. 
  • Investment facilitations (programmes on the level of municipalities, districts etc.)