European Commission proposes new initiative for the long-term unemployed

On 17th Sept European Commission announced another proposal concerning employment and social inclusion. This time the help will be directed to the long-term unemployed group (12 months or more). The number of people in this difficult situation doubled since the 2007, and raised from 6 mln to 12 mln in 2014. Among those 12 mln as much as 60% remains unemployed for 2 years or more.

Commission’s proposal includes three key steps:

  • Encourage the registration of long-term unemployed with an employment service;
  • Provide each registered long-term unemployed with an individual in-depth assessment to identify their needs and potential at the latest at 18 months of unemployment;
  • Offer a job integration agreement to all registered long-term unemployed at the latest at 18 months.

The job integration agreement should consist of a tailor-made plan to bring the long-term unemployed back to work. It can include, depending on the existing services in each Member State:

  • Mentoring,
  • Help with the job search,
  • Further education and training,
  • Support for housing, transport, child and care services or rehabilitation.

The Commission will now present the proposal to the European Council and there, together with the representatives of the Member States, decisions will be made on the possible implementation of said proposal.


For more information go to:

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