Project and programme evaluation



Project and Programme Evaluation 

Trainers: dr Aleksandra Duda, Marcin Budzewski


Short description:

Why do we evaluate? There are two significant answers. Firstly, evaluation gives us feedback on whether we get what we wanted form the project. Secondly, it helps us to understand what works and what does not in a project, and why.

Nowadays evaluation is a key tool for systematic collecting information on project activities, their influence and results. Current approach to evaluation research places emphasis on close correlation between evaluation and the realisation of a project, including the benefits of including evaluation from the very beginning of project activities. Therefore, evaluation is an integral part of the process of planning, conducting and summarising projects.

Despite clear advantages of a well-planned and constructed evaluation research, it is not uncommon to realise at the very end of the project’s functioning. Often only in the form of survey. Moreover, often the attitude towards evaluation is negative and treated only as an external requirement  or even threat, not very helpful for project team. To a large extent it results from the lack of knowledge on the basic functions of evaluation, its kinds and tools.

The training helps to find answers to the following questions: What is evaluation? Why and how is it conducted? How to use the results of evaluation? Our aim is to “tame” the evaluation process and facilitate full use of its numerous advantages.

Target group:

Training is addressed at persons developing and taking part in project evaluations (employees of self-governments, public employment services, NGOs’).


Two days, 16 teaching hours .



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