MGR – what, how and why?



Why it is worth to take part?


  • Free-of charge and comprehensive counselling  within the framework of the implementation of work-life balance mechanisms (MGR) including:


  • the analysis of needs and demands concerning MGR in company
  • list of the most important challenges for enterprises concerning work-life balance 
  •  a set of optimal and “tailored” legal and organisational solutions concening MGR, which answer identified challenges 
  • Road map of actions related with the implementation of solutions together with the method of their implementation 
  • access to  database of knowledge on  MGR


  • Discout for participation in Polish Mentoring Association programmes  
  • Participation in the drawing of an annual subscription of Forbes magazine 
  • Discount for the services of the Institute for Labour Market Analyses 
  • Prestige of participation in a project realised by  MRPiPS
  • The status of donnor 


Which companies can participate?


  • Companies employing 250 pesrons and more, or 50-249persons, or 10-49 persons, or up to 9 persons
  • companies representing the following sectors: services, industrial and/ or commercial 
  • operating in the following fields: banking, financial and insurance sectors; consupmtion goods; pharmacy and medicine; fuels, energetics, mining; industrial and chemical production; telecommunications, technology, media and entertainment; transport, services, trade 
  • with headquarters in one of the following districts:  warmińsko-mazurskie, lubelskie, podkarpackie, śląskie, pomorskie, dolnośląskie, mazowieckie


What is it about?


  • Contact with an expert from the contractor responsible for carrying out research in company 
  • invitation for entrepreneur to take part in the research with the explanation of all organisational issues and fixing a convinient date 
  • Cooperation with an expert from the contractor in order to make an analysis of the situation in the organisation from the perspective of  MGR including:


  • analysis of documents and inormation provided by the enterprise 
  • interviews with the owners, representatives of the management, HR specialists via a survey 
  • Talks with owners, representatives of the management, HR specialists 
  • survey among employees of analysed companies with the use of on-line questionnaire 
  • observation without intervention 


  • workshops with the representatives of employees and the management 
  • trainings, counselling and supervision 
  • development of a personalised final report on the results of the analysis in the company