Quality Code


Building a good image and credibility and the highest quality of service of the Institute for Labour Market Analyses, as well as taking care of clients’ satisfaction on the highest level are the overarching objectives of the Quality Policy implemented by the IARP Experts Team.


The above-mentioned goals are carried out by:

  1. Professional customers’ service, focused on their satisfaction and implementation of IARP strategies, ensuring the highest standards of service.

  2. Continuous improvement and raising the quality of the tasks performed by IARP.

  3. Taking up new tasks and creating new programs of which beneficiaries are IARP clients.

  4. Carrying out activities aimed at informing the widest possible range of customers about IARP’s programs and tasks.

  5. Training the staff in terms of content, information technology and logistics to carry out current and future IARP’s tasks.

  6. Continuous improvement and striving to enhance the readability of the accepted procedures and rules for IARP’s tasks.

  7. Continuous improvement of the implemented Quality Code.


Quality Code assumptions are known and respected by all employees and associates of the Institute as well as entities acting on behalf of IARP.