Incoming new publications by our expert dr Łukasz Sienkiewicz on PES to PES

Soon two new publications on PES to PES developed by our expert dr Łukasz Sienkiewicz will be published on website of the European Commission:

Measuring customer satisfaction with PES Increasing PES effectiveness by meeting customer needs and

Practictioner’s Toolkit to assist PES with the development of customer satisfaction measurement systems 

In the context of the Europe 2020 Strategy and related employment policy reform, PES modernisation depends on systematic performance analysis to improve the delivery of services and increase customer satisfaction. This new approach calls for a combination of evidence-based benchmarking and mutual learning activities, known as ‘benchlearning’.

This Analytical Paper aims to raise awareness of the wider concepts and developments relating to customer satisfaction and CSM in publicsector organisations, particularly PES. It supports PES practitioners in the context of benchlearning by:

  • Providing an overview of customercentric concepts for service delivery and its consequences;
  • Examining mechanisms to positively reinforce CSM in relation to broader PES performance management systems and frameworks; and
  •  Identifying key issues in building organisational capacity for the systematic and robust measurement of customer satisfaction.

The paper is based on discussions between PES representatives during the Thematic Review Workshop on ‘Measuring Customer Satisfaction with PES’ (hosted by the Slovenian PES, 1–2 July 2015) and responses to a written survey from the 13 PES who attended the workshop. It also draws on current literature on customer-centred concepts, measurement systems and management approaches in the public and private sectors, including PES-specific literature where available.

Further information can be found in the Practitioner’s Toolkit, a practical guide for PES in the development of systems to assess customer satisfaction. Published PES practice examples on the subject are cross-referenced in this paper and can be found in the PES Practice Repository.

This toolkit is intended to assist PES in designing and implementing their approach to measuring customer satisfaction. It provides concrete guidance and tools for PES to either develop customer satisfaction measurement (CSM) systems from scratch, or to review and refine existing systems, while taking into account wider organisational and contextual factors. The toolkit helps PES to answer the following key questions:

  • What are the steps in planning, designing and implementing CSM?
  • What are the most effective ways of measuring customer satisfaction?
  • How can the results from CSM be used to improve PES service delivery?

The toolkit is aimed at all PES practitioners who are involved in designing, setting up and running CSM systems, as well as those who use the results for the ongoing development and reform of PES service delivery.

 The toolkit is organised around three main steps, based on a cycle of continuous improvement:

  1. Planning and designing – providing practical advice on the development of new or existing customer measurement approaches;
  2. Implementation – providing practical advice on CSM implementation issues, regarding data gathering and analysis, and the reporting of results;
  3. Monitoring and evaluation – reviewing the whole process and using customer satisfaction results in service improvement, both at operational and strategic levels.

Each step contains a range of practical information tips around what to think about and which actions to take in any CSM approach. This includes ‘practical tips’, tools and templates, PES examples and signposts to further information. The toolkit is developed for people in a variety of PES roles. You can navigate around the information in various ways depending on your role.


Immediately after the publication of texts on website of European Commission we will include a Link both to the Analysis and the Toolkit.