Advanced use of the new classification of professions and specializations



Advanced Use of the New Classification of Professions and Specialisations

Trainer: Maciej Gruza


Short description:

Subject and scope of the training concentrates on the arrangement of already possessed knowledge of persons operating the classification of professions and specialisations, indication of good practices and methods of prevention against errors in the application of the document. Moreover, changes, which have been introduced to the classification in 2015 will be discussed.

Training is in the form of author’s lecture and moderated discussion (“brain storming”). The training is based on the rule of connecting theoretical knowledge with practical skills of participants, which gives the possibility to share own vocational experience and thoughts on the matter. The issues discussed are illustrated with multimedia presentation and numerous examples. The form of training  (moderated discussion) aims at activation of participants and gives possibility to consolidate their knowledge and skills.

Target group:

Training is addressed at the employees of Public employment services, who operate the classification of occupations and specialisations. Particularly to: registrars, councillors, employment agents and statisticians.


One day training, 8 teaching hours.



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