Stress: diagnosis, prevention, therapy and autotherapy methods



Stress: Diagnosis, Prevention, Therapy and Autotherapy Methods 

Trainer: dr Beata Mazurek-Kucharska


Short description:

Participants become acquainted with the problem of stress as one of the most important factors influencing the quality of life, effectiveness of work, increasing the risk of neurosis and depression, and highly influencing the immune system and wellbeing. Diagnostic methods and prevention of high stress level at work and in private life will be presented. Moreover, participants take part in personal diagnosis of stress level and get practical advice on team management in the situation of strong and/ or permanent stress.

Target group:

Training is aimed at labour office employees, centres for the support of social economy, NGOs operating in the area of client support, vocational councillors, business councillors, entrepreneurs, managers, team and project leaders, teachers, school psychologists, healthcare employees and managers, employees of penitentiary institutions, policemen, soldiers, corporate employees and managers, persons under stress or pressure.


One day, 8 teaching hours. In-company training – two days and 16 teaching hours.



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