Łukasz Sienkiewicz

Holds a Ph.D. in economic sciences in the area of management. Assistant Professor at the Department of Human Capital Development of the Warsaw School of Economics. Expert of the labour market in the European Employment Policy Observatory of the European Commission and an expert on Forecasting skills needs at CEDEFOP. He specializes in the analysis of human capital and labour market issues, especially in human capital measurement, analysis, competency expectations of the employers, human capital development and competency modelling within the systems at the micro (enterprise) and macro-levels (at international, national and sectoral – including the context of qualification systems).

Marcin Budzewski

Marcin Budzewski graduated from the Management Faculty at Warsaw University and completed post-graduate studies at University of Social Sciences and Humanities (Human Resources Management) and Warsaw University (Regional Policies).

Marcin Budzewski is project manager and expert in evaluation projects for Polish public bodies and organisations. He has been working as a project manager and expert in the projects related to the labour market and education in Poland and ESF


Halina Sobocka-Szczapa

Halina Sobocka-Szczapa – doctor of economic sciences. Halina is an assistant professor in the Department of Economics of the Academy of Social Sciences in Lodz. She conducts research in the labour market area, in particular activation of youth, graduates and older people in the productive age, digital exclusion, mobility of labour workforce, human and intellectual capital, knowledge management in the context of life long learning, the unemployed and inactive as well as atypical forms of employment and social issues of the functioning of the economy.


Beata Mazurek-Kucharska

Doctor of psychology, Head of the Department of Human Resource Management in Social Academy of Sciences; lecturer and coordinator of Managerial Skills module in college Master of Business Administration (University of Central Lancashire, Lublin Business School) and post-graduate studies, including School of Economics and Kozminski University; leader, an expert and reviewer of research projects and business management expertise and human capital, commercialization of knowledge, innovation, enterprise and e-services, the labour market and the application of psychology in business; manager and expert in copyright research projects at the School of Economics, concerning the competence, attitudes and flexible solutions for human capital management.


Aleksandra Duda

Aleksandra Duda is a Lead Expert for IARP in the field of education and lifelong learning. She has over 10 years of experience working as a researcher and policy analyst focusing on the EU and its neighbourhood. First based in Birmingham (UK) and then in Warsaw (Poland), she has been involved in providing the European Commission and various EU bodies with consulting services, including studies, evaluations, comparative analysis and advice regarding European policies and programmes, as well as national policies in the EU Member States, candidate countries, and potential candidates. Her main areas of expertise cover education and training, youth policy, labour market, equal treatment and gender mainstreaming, and civic participation.


Anna Jawor-Joniewicz

Doctor of economics demonstrating many years of practical experience in implementation of social research (designing research tools, conducting research, analyses of data, study reports) and public administration. Specialises in human resources management (motivating, organisational culture) as well as equal opportunities for men and women and diversity management. Actively cooperates with non-government organisations focusing on prevention of gender-based discrimination.


Maciej Gruza

Maciej Gruza is an expert with 15 years of experience in research and consulting, focusing mainly on qualification systems, vocational education, labour market and occupational analysis. He has managed and contributed to a broad range of project in Poland and Europe. He is also an experienced academic teacher and coach.

During his professional career, Maciej Gruza has performed tasks in the field of research and consulting focused mainly on qualification systems, labour market, occupational analysis and vocational education, carrying duties of a project manager of research teams as well as expert. He also carries evaluation research in these fields


Joanna Mirosław

Joanna Mirosław, a researcher at the Institute of Labour and Social Studies. Her academic and research interests are related to the  processes taking place on the labour market with particular regardto  the situation of women, work-life balance and changes in family models. Joanna has experience in evaluations of the Operational Programme Human Capital and over 9 years of experience in planning and conducting social research using a variety of quantitative and qualitative research methods (PAPI, IDI, FGI) with different groups of respondents: employers, employees, experts, heads of schools, students.


Łukasz Widła-Domaradzki

Expert in the field of statistics and quantitative methods. Fluent in SPSS package, also familiar with Statistica and Stata packages. Using specialized software for structural equation modelling (SEM) and PLS (partial least squares modelling). Interested in new statistical techniques and their use in evaluation research (eg PSM – Propensity Score Matching or SVM – Support Vector Machines). For 16 years he has worked in market and social research companies (Millward Brown SMG/KRC, Ipsos Poland), in private sector (ICF International) and for polish governmental agencies (Polish Agency for Enterprise Development). For several years associated with the evaluation of the EU funds.


Katarzyna Orzechowska

Graduated the Facutly of Journalism and Political Science of the University of Warsaw, and post graduate studies on Social Consultation, Cooperation of Local Governments and Public Administration with NGOs (Study of the European Law); graduated from post graduate studies on Negotiations, Mediations and  Other Alternative Methods of Disute Settlement (University of Warsaw) and from post graduate studies on Legal and Economic Bases of Investment Processes. Currently she is a student of the Metrum School for Trainers of 1st Degree.   More